Geospatial Services

Geospatial Analysis:

We analyse geospatial (location-based) data for organizations to help their decision making.

    Geospatial Application Development

We create GIS applications for collecting, managing and storing GIS data.

GIS Training:

We train individuals and personnel of institutions, Schools, churches, companies and groups.on request to acquire professional skills in GIS in Ghana.



Map Making and Geospatial Data Collection and Sharing: 

We create project maps for individuals, government and non-government organization.

We collect and provide geospatial Data for individuals and personnel of institutions, Schools, churches and companies.

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Research:  We offer services on projects and carry out both on field and off-field scientific research projects.

GeoSpatial solutions:

We organize programs to provide solutions to community problems.

We apply GIS to create proposals for change in response to these community problems.

We involve stakeholders, understand their values and expectations, and create maps that will help them in their decision making.

We are currently working with the University of Cape Coast Hospital to prevent and control cholera at the University of Cape Coast and it’s environ.

GIS Awareness Creation:

We organize and attend programs such as seminars, conferences, symposia to demonstrate the use of traditional and new innovative geospatial technologies to create awareness about GIS.

For Our Services, Sponsorship, invite and partnership contact:

Janix Asare

Executive Director

+233 264 573 743

+233 246 573743


We share geospatial data across and between the levels of different organizations for decision making.